Saturday, 1 May 2010

Exciting New Brief for Artists

Alumwell Business and Enterprise College: Primley Avenue, Walsall, WS2 9UA

Transforming the Quad

The Quad: an outdoor environment that will be transformed through working with:
·         a Year 9 ICT class to create playground designs;
·         Year 8 Design Technology classes to create large scale toy monsters covered in graffiti graphics;
·         Year 9 Art classes to create huge pieces of ‘body adornment jewellery’ to adorn the building instead – created out of recycled material.
·         Working with the Opening Minds Year 7 curriculum to create a party.
·         A performing arts project is still be decided.

All of these ideas are linked to specific aspects of the Key Stage 3 curriculum in these subject areas. This supports the overall programme aims of:
·         supporting teachers to explore creative approaches to curriculum topics;
·         creating opportunities for students to become more involved in their learning;
·         showcasing creative work in unusual contexts to inform thinking and design for the new school build.

The College are looking to work with a group of artists to:
·         plan with the teachers so that are an integral part of the design and delivery of the projects and can ensure the projects link directly to the curriculum;
·         work with students to incorporate their ideas into the projects;
·         develop and deliver workshops that enables students and teachers to cerate high quality end products;
·         install the pieces in the and around the Quad and ensure they meet all Health and Safety requirements;
The work needs to be planned during May and delivered in June and July.

Each of the 5 curriculum areas has £1000 of artist time to devise and deliver the projects.  In addition there is an additional £1000 for overall planning, co-ordination and installation.

There is a materials budget of £1000.  This is not necessarily split 5 ways as some projects may need more materials than others but this is to be negotiated between the teachers and artists.

The College are happy to consider applications from one artist / artist organisation to deliver the whole programme or individual artists who can deliver specific aspects of the programme.  To apply please send a CV, some examples of work and a side of A4 outlining your approach to the project and which curriculum areas you feel you have the skills to work in (don’t worry about addressing the Performing Arts one just yet). 
Please send your replies by 5.00pm Monday 10th May to Noel Dunne: / 07793 200 701.  Please also ring Noel to let him know you have sent an application just in case it doesn’t get through the firewall.
all the best

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