Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Creative Practitioner Opportunity

Arrow Vale Community High School
A Specialist Sports College

“We are a community in pursuit of excellence where everyone is valued”

Arrowvale High School, Redditch, Worcs, B98 0EN

We are a mixed ( Year10/12) age group of enthusiastic, motivated and creative students who are working with our Art teacher on a project to develop our skills in organising, promoting and co-ordinating a ‘Creative Arts Event’. We intend this event to showcase the wide variety of creative skills and Arts practice that takes place in our school.

We would like to explore exciting arts practice as well as develop the skills to organise and co-ordinate an event that will take place in a public space in Redditch.

For this project we are looking for a practitioner to work with us, we imagine that you might be a visual artist, an event organiser and designer/artist with the skills and knowledge to help develop our own creative practice as well as being able to help us plan and co-ordinate this event.

We would like somebody who can help us to showcase our schools creative nature in an imaginative manner, someone who is passionate about their work and are prepared to work with us in a constructive and collaborative way.

We will be running this project in our timetables lessons on Wednesdays from 9am – 1.20pm, the timeslot will be organised as follows: 12 Year 12 students (9-11am), 16 Year 10 students (11.20 – 1.20pm)

See planned timetable below:


We are looking for a practitioner who:
- Can work collaboratively with young people towards a common goal.
- Is enthusiastic.
- Exciting and motivating to work with.
- Takes our ideas seriously.
- Responsible.
- Understands our intentions and listens to our ideas.
- Understands where we are coming from.
- Helps us put our ideas into professional reality.
- Enables us to lead the project.
- Lets us take credit for the outcome.
- Helps to develop our own knowledge, understanding and skills.
- Gives us ideas.

Project Fee:

1 9 school based sessions @ 120 = £1080
2 1 day planning & review in school @ 220 = £ 220
3 1 day planning at home @ 220 = £ 220
4 Up to 2 full days supporting event to be scheduled ( if needed) @ 220 = £ 440
Total = £1960

A materials budget will be available for the production of the event, but will be negotiated around the ideas.

Please do not apply if you cannot attend on the majority of dates listed above or the interview date arranged.

If you are interested in applying for this project, please send us:
- A short statement, explaining why you want to work with us (max. 1 page)
- CV (no more than two pages)
- 6 small images of your work ( make sure the images are not over 1 MB each)
- Date of your last CRB check.
- You will need public liability, up to 5 million.

Remember you are applying to the students, our creative agent is just supporting us with this project.

Please send all documents in the old word format or PDF, no docx please.

Deadline: 21. April 2011 5pm
Interview date: 27.April 2011 9am-1.20pm

For the interview we will ask you to deliver a 30 min activity to a group of up to 16 students with an interview afterwards. Unsuccessful candidates will be reimbursed £40 for delivering the activity.

All applications to be emailed to Iris Bertz, Creative Agent: ibertz@gmail.com and Gavin Leaver gleaver@arrowvale.worcs.sch.uk

For questions please contact Iris Bertz on email: ibertz@gmail.com
For further information on: Arrow Vale High: http://www.arrowvale.worcs.sch.uk

This project is part of a Change School project supported by Creative Partnerships
www.creative-partnerships.com and Bright Space www.brightspace.org.uk